My name is Ander Juaristi. In some communities, I might be hidden under the nickname Strunk, or any other nickname that matches the following regexp: /(\$|S){1}trunk\d*/i. I'm a software developer, researcher, musician and hacker. I live in Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain.

I'm the maintainer of the Include Component Plugin for Joomla. I'm one of the guys behind the Netsecure Team, with whom I chat, share and hack. I currently work for a research center in my city.

I love writing code. I always look for fast, reliable, yet beautiful code. I love beautiful code, it delights my eyes, just like classical music delights my ears. One day I might be writing high-level GC-driven code, such as PHP or Java, and another day I might be playing with those shy dwarves that live in the most obscure corners of my computer, hidden behind a void main(). I enjoy diving into the deepest of every software system, in order to understand how they work.

My e-mail is Just feel free to write me. I also have a GPG public key. If you use it, be sure to include yours too, otherwise my reply will be in plain text.