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I'm not a native english speaker. Please report any errors you might encounter. Thanks!

Hi. I'm strunk. Well, that's the nickname I chose to promote myself on the WWW. I use the same nickname everywhere. Just like a kid, I tear up whenever I talk about computers to someone, and I speak and speak until they either change the subject or fall asleep. I love to code, in all languages. For me, it's just poetry. I believe that computer code has a kind of strange mysticism that always lets you astonished, even if you've spent your whole life coding. If this does not interest you, and all you're looking for is a way to contact me, you can write me to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . By the way, welcome to my webpage!

Many times I was left open-mouthed while looking to a piece of Open Source code. I still maintain that childish attraction for computers that wraps you like a spider net, and that prevents you from thinking in anything else. Just like the ancient mathematicians like Pythagoras, that believed the numbers to be something more than just symbols. They weren't just numbers. They were just art.

I was born in Donostia-San Sebastián (Basque Country, Spain). I'm a native basque speaker. I spoke almost no spanish until I started school. I currently study computer science in MU. I'm graduating next year. I work part-time as webmaster and PHP developer in Alecop S. Coop. I've previously worked as an IT technician in that same company.

I would say that I like all the disciplines of Computer Science. Of course I'm not familiar with all of them, but all of them do attract my attention. Unfortunately for me, Computer Science is a huge field. However, I've now managed to notice that the fields that I most enjoy are these three: the Linux world (although I sometimes enjoy playing with LPTSTR and friends), IT security and low level coding (yep, all those pleasant dwarves that hide under an int age = 20;). Actually, thinking that the only code that's running in my box is my own code, that there's no one controlling me, no one telling me what can I do, no .NET, no JVM, and sometimes not even the OS' API, makes me feel free.

This webpage is aimed at letting you know my work, and trasmitting you my knowledge through the several papers and tutorials I'm currently working on. I love the well done job. I'm an extremely perfectionist man, and maybe that's why I hardly finish what I start. But I go on little by little.

I recently took over the development of the Include Component Plugin for Joomla. It's a widely used plugin that allows to insert a component into another, without using iframes. Its former developer was Mike Reumer ( I also have other projects still in an early stage, but once they get more mature they'll appear in GitHub, and once they get stable, they'll be available here for everyone.

Thus, I currently:

  • Develop and maintain the Include Component Plugin for Joomla. The last stable version is 1.13. 1.14 is available for download, but still in beta stage.
  • I'm in the coding team of the Joomla! Bug Squad (JBS). We are the guys that find and fix as many bugs as we can in the Joomla software. As we usually say, we want Joomla to be as stable and bug-free as is humanly possible.
  • I'm a member of the Netsecure team. It's a young project, with a still incomplete webpage, but we keep on hacking.

I'm an active user in the following communities:

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In my free time, I love reading. Specially technical books, thrillers and hundreds of scientific and technical articles. I've been also playing the electric guitar for 6 years, and the classical guitar for a bit less. I currently play in a heavy metal band.

Regarding to my gear, I currently use two computers on a daily basis:

  • An ASUS laptop, Intel i7-somemodel, 6 GB RAM, NVIDIA somemodel with dedicated 2 GB and Windows 7.
  • Aerocool XPredator box carefully mounted by myself with: Intel i7-3820, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX-550Ti, 4 TB HDD and Debian.My friend Eckron helped me to choose the components.

I chose Strunk for my nickname because of Jason Strunk. He is a ficticious killer, that killed policemen, cut them into pieces, and sent each piece to other policemen for christmas. He appears at John Verdon's Think Of A Number, which is just the first part of an amazing trilogy. I read its spanish translation, and I got really fascinated. You might be wondering what's my real name: it's Ander.